We are very proud to announce that FileMaker Inc. has appointed DataManix as a FBA Platinum partner.

Platinum partners are specially selected by FileMaker Inc., an Apple subsidiary, for exhibiting the highest level of technical expertise and customer service in creating innovative solutions on the FileMaker platform.

In order to celebrate this properly, we have created a desktop version of the FMS ServerAdmin tool, that we are giving away for free. Download the tool below.

What is FMS ServerAdminDT ?

This tool allows you to manage all your FileMaker Servers (version. 13+). You can access the FileMaker Server Admin console right from within the tool as well as manage SSL certificates for each server.

It is a perfect companion to our iOS app, that you can download from the Apple AppStore; FMS ServerAdmin. You can exchange server and SSL certificate informations between the desktop version and the iOS version of FMS ServerAdmin via csv file.

In order to give you even more tools, we have created an extra section in the desktop version, where you can store FileMaker installers and create custom installers with encoded license key and other options from AssistedInstall feature.

We have also included a feature, that can read the information in SSL certificate request and custom certificate files.

These features are made possibly using the great and free BaseElements plugin from our colleagues at Goya.

The FMS ServerAdminDT tool is free, but locked for development.


UPDATE: If you already downloaded this tool, you will notice that now you can also select to build FM15 installers.


Watch the movie to learn about the features.

Please provide your name and email address for your free download.

Please provide your name and email address for your free download.

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6 thoughts on “FMS_AdminDT

  1. Congratulations, Claus. It is long overdue.


  2. Jonathan Fletcher says:

    Great job, Claus! Congratulations!

  3. Karen Weaver says:

    This is an amazing and wonderful tool and to provide it free is truly generous. Congratulations on your new Partner status. It is well deserved. Thank you.

  4. Ralf-Rainer von Albedyhll says:

    I really like your FMSAdmin solution. Great that you are making it available to the community for free. As you know, FM developers can finally submit apps to the Apple App Store which is a great development. Having gone through the process it is not all that straight forward so if you can create a solution that interacts with Xcode and handles the certificates not to mention app images and description that could be very helpful and certainly does not need to be free.

  5. Claus Lavendt says:

    Thanks, Ralf. Glad you like it.
    Regarding FileMaker iOS App SDK, you are right that it is not straight forward in the sense that you need to setup the provisioning profiles etc. However, if you have ever done anything with xCode, this is so much easier than building a xCode project from scratch. If you want to learn more about building native iOS apps with the SDK, I would highly recommend attending DevCon in Las Vegas. Richard Carlton and Todd Geist will be hosting sessions on this topic.

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