Watch this video to get inspired.
I will show you a device, that can capture the gestures of your hand and thereby control a FileMaker solution.
While this is just a prototype and proof of concept, there could actually be a lot of applications, where such thing could come in handy.
Imagine a chef in a restaurant, that prepares dishes and the orders is displayed on a screen. Instead of having to press a touch screen or a keypad with his hands, that have just been working on the food, he can wave his hand in front of the sensor to go to next order, previous, mark it as being worked on.
Never have to contaminate keypads, tablets etc.

Do you have any other ideas for use ?, then please leave a comment….

5 thoughts on “Fun with FileMaker – Control with the gestures of your hand

  1. yann says:

    Hi Claus
    in a near future is it possible to imagine a facial recognition with your device to trigger a specific startup script for example ??

    1. Claus Lavendt says:

      Hi Yann
      No, this device can not have facial recognition. It can detect movements by sending out UV light and there is 2 sensors, that can detect where you move your hand. It is capable of sensing how close you hold your hand to the device and actually also the speed of the movements of your hand.
      However, it will take some programming to get this working smooth.
      I have done some research into facial recognition, but there you can just use the built-in camera. However, you will need special software, and I did not yet find something that can integrate with FileMaker. But it is possibly to do it. Just haven’t had the time to explore…

  2. Love it, Claus! How about mechanics, oil jobbers, and construction workers. Or just about any job that requires getting your hands dirty all the time, for that matter. And the wow factor is off the charts!

  3. Ha Manh Bui says:

    This is truely the most fantastic video i have ever seen for years

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