We have created a naming conventions document in collaboration with our great colleagues at SquareMoon Industries.
The way these conventions sets themselves apart from many others, is that they are meant to be limited to a few rules and mostly guidelines. This should make it more easy to follow and not lock the developer into a very specific way of developing.
We publish these conventions to the community in the hope that others would like to adopt them. The more, who adopt, the easier it will be for new developers to get into FileMaker development and the easier it will be for us to collaborate on projects.
The conventions will evolve over time, so please check back later to see if we have made any updates.
If you are digging into DevCon2Go16 for the international FileMaker Developer Conference or any of the european conferences, these conventions was used to create this app.

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Please provide your name and email address for your free download.

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