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Do you manage FileMaker Server 13 and higher ? Well, we just released a simple tool, where you can easily manage multiply FMS13, thanks to the new HTML5 admin console, and native FileMaker. This is completely unlocked, native and free for you to use, modify or extend.

Here is a couple of small things:

• For use with FMP13 and higher only
• If your server does not have a valid certificate, you should first go to your browser and connect.
• When you get the warning, make sure to approve this certificate always. Then your computer will save that setting and you will be able to connect in the tool.
• Only enter the servers address or ip. No http or path needed
• Click on username and password fields, will copy the values, so you could just paste in the admin console login window.
If you like it, please let us know.
• Note: A custom certificate must be installed on the server – or – you need to approve an exception in your web browser.


NOTE: We have released a much more interesting FileMaker Server Admin tool; FMS_AdminDT, with a native iPad companion app. The FMS_AdminDT tool is released on this site for FREE !  Access here


Please provide your name and email address for your free download.

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